Tiuna is a leader and a reference in the residential sector, all of its projects are signed by the prestigious international firm Bueso-Inchausti & Rein Arquitectos

Inmobiliaria Tiuna is a family business that was established in Madrid in 1964, which specializes in developing unique real estate projects in the "prime" sector.

The company was founded in the mid-60s by the architect Germán Toro. After doing more than fifteen buildings in the north of Madrid, in the 1980s it went into association with Bueso-Inchausti & Rein Arquitectos. Since then, the firm has been putting its personal seal on Tiuna’s architectural projects.

Over time, Tiuna has developed new residential and office buildings, with a growing focus on controlling all phases of the development right up to the final handover, in order to offer a product of a unique architectural and construction quality.

From its foundation to the present time, the company’s headquarters have been located in the first building it developed: the Tiuna Building.

Unique developments, homes and offices, which in many cases have received awards for their construction, best real estate performance or for the quality of their architecture

Within the residential sector, Tiuna has a long portfolio of buildings, and a significant part of its activity is focused in the north of Madrid, in areas such as Chamartín, Conde de Orgaz or Barrio de Salamanca.

Its residential portfolio includes some flagship projects, which in many cases have received awards for their construction, best real estate performance or for the quality of their architecture. The following are some examples: town houses in Paseo de la Habana 187-189, COAM Award 2015 + 10-; town houses in Calle Lígula 10-30; in calle Barón de la Torre 8-10; Castellana-Pinar residential complex, in Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid City Council Award 2007 and Technal Award; housing units in Paseo de la Habana 173 and 175-177, Madrid City Council Award 2004 and Asprima-Sima Award 2004; residential building in calle Pradillo 34, Asprima-Sima Award 2016; or the residential building in Madroños 27, which won different awards such as the NAN Architecture and Construction Award 2018, the British BUILD Award, and was a selected Project for the 2019 BigMat Awards.

Inmobiliaria Tiuna has also landmark buildings within the office sector such as the two for the ESADE business school, the Baluarte office building, the headquarters of the European University of Madrid; or more recently, and outside Spain, the two-tower project around Lake Floreasca in Bucharest, Romania.

Several decades after it was established, Tiuna continues to move forward, renewing its team and developing new real estate, and today the firm is at the forefront of quality and real estate design.